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Year 2017 - Key Dates

2nd March  Fixed broadband and superfast broadband

Arcep is publishing its scoreboard for the fixed broadband and superfast broadband market in France at the end of 2016. FttH rollouts and take-up continue to make progress. For the first time, Arcep provides a status report on deployments in the three categories of rollout area.
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1st March  Appointment

Cécile Dubarry appointed Director-General of Arcep
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28th February  Mobile connectivity in the French regions

Arcep publishes the latest scorecard on operators' compliance with mobile network rollout obligations in sparsely populated areas.
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22th February  20 years

On 22 February 2017, Arcep and the Group of Independent Regulators (IRG) celebrated their 20th birthday. On this occasion, Arcep co-organized with the GRI an international conference on the topic "RegTech is the new GovTech: review the regulations", in Paris. With Jean Tirole, Cédric Villani, Yochai Benkler, Nick Grossman, and many others!
The VoD conference
Twitter: #20ansArcep
1997-2017: 20 years of regulation
The fruit of 20 years of regulation: key facts and figures (pdf)

9th February  Fixed market regulation

Public consultation on fixed broadband and superfast broadband market analyses: stepping up investments in optical fibre and helping French businesses in their digital transition
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2nd February  Mobile services

France has 73 million SIM cards in service (excluding MtoM) as of December 31, 2016. The quarterly increase in the number of cards is carried by the network operators.
Figures for the 4thquarter of 2016

30th January  Telecom's TV bundling

Sébastien Soriano, Arcep's chairman, told the Financial Times that operators who offer bundled telecoms and TV services may harm network investment. "If telecom operators are massively investing in content … there's a high risk that this deters investment in telecom networks in France" he said.
The Financial Times article

26th January  Internet of Things

The Internet of Things calls regulators to invent a pro-innovation approach - a tribune of Sébastien Soriano, Chairman of Arcep, on Medium.
The tribune

9th January  Fixed broadband and superfast broadband markets

Arcep publishes its guidelines to encourage all market players to invest in fibre.
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6th January  Frequency allocations

Arcep launches a public consultation on New frequencies for the regions, businesses, 5G and innovation
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4th January  Appointment

The President of France appoints Monique LIEBERT-CHAMPAGNE to the Arcep Board
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